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Tuesday 20th November

  Reference Title Session Name Presenter
Session 1
Jarl Kind
PA_3_13_FR12 Loss of life risk assessment in the Netherlands: methods, results and their use in flood risk management Flood Consequences Dr Karin de Bruijn
PA_3_18_FR12 Modeling direct damages in Kifissos river (Athens, Greece) Flood Consequences Prof. Niki Evelpidou
PA_3_8_FR12 Micro-scale modelling of damage and loss-of-life Flood Consequences Mr. Jonas van Schrojenstein Lantman
PA_7_31_FR12 Temporal variability of the flood damage potential due to land use changes in the Alpine Lech Valley Flood Consequences Mr. Holger Cammerer
PA_3_23_FR12 An insurance modeling perspective on vulnerability function development for buildings for European inland flooding Governance & Policy Instruments Dr. Navin Peiris
PA_4_24_FR12 A sustainable approach to water management: An example of flood risk management by applying key elements of the Directive 2007/60 CE on the Assessment and Management of Flood Risks Governance & Policy Instruments Miss. Alicia Cabañas Ibañez
PA_4_4_FR12 Implementation of the EU Floods Directive in a non-EU country: Serbia's experience with Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Governance & Policy Instruments Miss. Vasiljka Kolarov
PA_5_23_FR12 An analysis of institutional and economic barriers to multi-layered safety in the Netherlands. Governance & Policy Instruments Mrs Ellen Tromp
PA_7_3_FR12 Stakeholders' consensus on technical and non-structural flood control measures Governance & Policy Instruments Prof. Pavel Kovar
PA_8_15_FR12 Achievements of the Associated Programme on Flood Management and its support interface "HelpDesk" Governance & Policy Instruments Mr. Tomoyuki Okada
PA_10_43_FR12 Warning Strategy, Techniques and New Developments at the Flood Forecasting Centre Flood Prediction and Early Warning Dr. Charlie Pilling
PA_15_6_FR12 Quantifying the effect of flood threat exercises with TARK-it Flood Prediction and Early Warning M.Sc Bas Kolen
Session 2
Joost Beckers
PA_10_11_FR12 Probability forecasts for water levels in the deltas of the Vecht and IJssel in the Netherlands Flood Hazard Analysis M.Sc Karolina Wojciechowska
PA_10_16_FR12 Prediction of Extreme Storm Surge Levels using Recurrent Artificial Neural Networks Flood Hazard Analysis Mr Mohamed Tayel
PA_10_17_FR12 Short-term Runoff Forecasting Using an Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Flood Hazard Analysis Mr. Mir Hadi Madani
PA_10_27_FR12 The impact of data assimilation strategies for correcting the affects of erroneous boundary conditions Flood Hazard Analysis Dr. Paul Smith
PA_10_29_FR12 Combining multiple specialised models in flood context Flood Hazard Analysis Prof. Dimitri Solomatine
PA_10_46_FR12 An investigation of the WaterML2.0 data standard for trans-boundary data sharing for the purpose of hydrological forecasting. Flood Hazard Analysis Mr. Stuart Hamilton
PA_1_12_FR12 Spatial Data Architecture for Meteorological/Hydrological Hazards and Associated Risks Management in Romania Flood Hazard Analysis Dr. Gheorghe Stancalie
PA_1_13_FR12 Assessing T-year flood quantiles by means of Bayesian MCMC simulations - A case study at the Myjava River, Slovakia Flood Hazard Analysis Assoc. Prof. Kohnova
PA_1_25_FR12 Comparison of several at-site flood frequency models on a large set of French discharge series Flood Hazard Analysis Dr. Michel LANG
PA_1_69_FR12 A 'blueprint' for local system-based probabilistic flood modeling Flood Hazard Analysis Dr. Rob Lamb
PA_4_30_FR12 General Purpose Image Reconstruction as a Tool to Inform Channel Conveyance Estimation Flood Hazard Analysis Mr. Gordon Glasgow
Session 3
Timo Schweck-
PA_13_3_FR12 Dashboard Flood Risk Management Flood Risk Management Mr. Kee de Gooijer
PA_13_5_FR12 Moving Toward an Integrated Framework for Consequence Management, Risk Management, and Water Resource Management Flood Risk Management Mr. Edward Hecker
PA_1_49_FR12 Flood hazard mapping by integrating airborne laser scanning data, high resolution images and large scale maps: a case study Flood Risk Management Assis. Porf. Paulo Fernandez
PA_1_59_FR12 What has been learned from the post flash flood surveys recently conducted in Europe? Flood Risk Management Dr. Eric Gaume
PA_1_86_FR12 Development of a large-scale flood risk model for the continental United States Flood Risk Management Dr. Shuangcai Li
PA_3_5_FR12 BEAM and AM+ Two assets mapping products suited for multi-risk applications Flood Risk Management Dr. Marc Mueller
PA_4_32_FR12 The Importance of Simplified Probabilistic Tools for Holistic Flood Risk Management Flood Risk Management Mr. Gordon Glasgow
PA_4_44_FR12 Catchment scale flood risk and Rural Land Management - What to do and where to do it? Flood Risk Management Dr. Ian Pattison
PA_5_24_FR12 Key elements of flood risk management planning  Flood Risk Management Prof. Stephan Theobald
PA_5_27_FR12 An automated method for costing flood risk mitigation measures for use with flood risk management decision support systems Flood Risk Management Mr. Ben Gouldby
PA_5_65_FR12 Smart solutions for optimizing Flood risk management Flood Risk Management Mr. Gijs van Ginneken
PA_7_17_FR12 Upgrading a Delta's technical protection system against flooding Flood Risk Management Mr. Gerard Beaufort
PA_2_7_FR12 FRe BUILDING TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTS Flood Risk Management Prof. J Javier Diez

Wednesday 21st November

  Reference Title Session Name Presenter
Session 1
Nadine Slootjes
PA_10_2_FR12 An integrated approach to flood inundation modelling in Tabasco, Mexico Inundation Modelling Dr. Adrian Pedrozo-Acuna
PA_10_3_FR12 Speeding up large flood simulations with implicit algorithms in unstructured meshes Inundation Modelling Prof. Francisco Alcrudo
PA_1_23_FR12 Impact of Topographic Uncertainty on Flood Inundation Modelling Inundation Modelling Mr. Anuar Md Ali
PA_1_52_FR12 Benchmarking of a 2D flood inundation model implemented in a GPU environment Inundation Modelling Dr. Sergiy Vorogushyn
PA_6_4_FR12 Evacuation Planning in Case of Extreme Rainfall Events - A Case Study in Azores, Portugal Evacuation & Rescue Assis. Prof. Bruno Filipe Santos
PA_10_38_FR12 Flood Warning Communicator and Game Flood Event Management Ms. Hanneke Vreugdenhil
PA_2_16_FR12 Embedding the consideration of health into multi-sector preparedness and response for floods: an integrated approach to reduce health impacts Flood Event Management Ms. Sue Tapsell
PA_5_53_FR12 CloudTrainer: An Environment for Training Crisis Professionals Flood Event Management M.Sc Kees van Dongen
PA_9_5_FR12 Training decision making and coordination of strategic crisis management teams Flood Event Management M.Sc Kees van Dongen
PA_9_6_FR12 LIGA - a Serious Game for training Liaisons and Information-managers Flood Event Management M.Sc Kees van Dongen
PA_9_8_FR12 Prepared for the response: training interagency coordination, strategic decision-making and crisis communication with serious games. Flood Event Management M.Sc Kees van Dongen
PA_9_9_FR12 Supporting and training information officers: a serious game for crisis communication Flood Event Management M.Sc Kees van Dongen
PA_12_1_FR12 Real reasons why actual flood models are not being used during flood calamities Flood Event Management M.Sc Johannes Leskens
Session 2
Ferdinand Diermanse
PA_1_17_FR12 Trends in extreme high sea levels and implications for coastal flood risk management Flood Hazard Analysis Dr. Cristoph Mudersbach
PA_1_1_FR12 Pianura di Ferrara Drainage Board. Flood maps associated with potential braches in Reno river's dikes. Flood Hazard Analysis Dr. Gianni Tebaldi
PA_1_27_FR12 Impact of canopy cover on hydrometeorological parameters in a flash flood-affected watershed Flood Hazard Analysis Mr Laszlo Balatonyi
PA_1_62_FR12 Predicting locations sensitive to flash flooding along forest roads considering physical catchment descriptors Flood Hazard Analysis M.Sc Alireza Nickman
PA_1_68_FR12 Modeling flood discharges in ungauged catchments within a continuous simulation framework. Application to Galicia (Spain). Flood Hazard Analysis Mr Eduardo Garcia Alonso
PA_1_84_FR12 Maximum annual flood peaks distribution in non-stationary conditions Flood Hazard Analysis Miss. Enrica Zenoni
PA_4_1_FR12 Modelling discharge with 4 different models and evaluation of simulated landuse measures on peak discharge of a catchment adjacent to a road Flood Hazard Analysis Ms. Zahra Kalantari
PA_10_4_FR12 Two Dimensional Modeling and GIS Integrated Mapping of the Dambreak Inundation, A Case Study: Lake Isabella Dam Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping Assis. Prof. Ismail Haltas
PA_1_29_FR12 GIS-based Flood risk Monitoring: A case study in Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping M.Sc Bakhtair Feizizadeh
PA_1_53_FR12 Probabilistic flood hazard mapping induced by piping breaches: Application to the Po River, Italy Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping M.Sc. Maurizio Mazzoleni
PA_1_81_FR12 Quick-scan tool for global flood hazard mapping Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping Mrs Nienke Kramer
PA_2_15_FR12 Flood Vulnerability and Risk Maps in Taipei City, Taiwan Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping Prof. Wen-Cheng Liu
PA_4_43_FR12 The Environmental Virtual Observatory (EVO) local exemplar: a local landscape learning visualisation tool for flood risk Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping Dr. Mark Wilkinson
PA_5_10_FR12 Risk maps for pluvial flooding and initation of a flood risk management process Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping Dr. Andre Assmann
Session 3
Herman van der Most
PA_11_4_FR12 Application of Innovate Floating Technology for Flood Emergency Attendance Flood Risk Management Mr. Bladimir Osorio-Munoz
PA_1_28_FR12 Application of a 2D hydrodynamic modelling approach to flood risk assessment, case studies in England, Wales and Scotland Flood Risk Management Dr. Sohan Ghimire
PA_1_64_FR12 Factors influencing the attenuation of flood peaks by floodplains in Ireland. Flood Risk Management Prof. Michael Bruen
PA_4_15_FR12 Smart Systems for Reducing Coastal Flood Risk in Urban Areas. Paphos, Cyprus Test Case Flood Risk Management Dr. Antonis Toumazis
PA_4_19_FR12 Macro-economic benefit-cost analysis of PCT-based flood-proofing of unpaved roads: case study of Tabasco, Mexico Flood Risk Management Mr. Berry Gersonius
PA_4_5_FR12 Biopesticide Spray Operations for the Management of Mosquito Vectors at the Flood Risk Situations Flood Risk Management Prof. Kadarkarai Murugan
PA_5_29_FR12 Flanders chooses for flood risk management based on LATIS Flood Risk Management Mr. Patrik Peeters
PA_5_4_FR12 Towards integrated river basin management: governance lessons from Room for the River Flood Risk Management Mr. Jeroen Rijke
PA_5_61_FR12 Lessons Learned from Surface Water Management Studies in the UK and Ireland Flood Risk Management Dr. David Cobby
PA_4_45_FR12 Sustainable use of the subsurface and Flood Risk Reduction Flood Risk Management Mr. Kees van Ruiten
PA_4_46_FR12 Robustness of economically efficient flood protection standards - A combination of Monte Carlo and cost-benefit analysis Flood Risk Management Mr. Jarl Kind
PA_13_1_FR12 How does gender alter risk perception of flood events and are those differences included in current flood risk management policies within England & Wales? Risk Communication Mr. Kevin Blanchard
PA_5_46_FR12 Web-based Virtual Environment for Stakeholder Collaboration in Flood Risk Management Risk Communication M.Sc Adrian Almoradie

Thursday 22nd November

  Reference Title Session Name Presenter
Session 1
Andreas Burzel
PA_1_40_FR12 Mean sea level changes along the North Sea coastline and its implications for enhanced future flood risks Flood Risk Analysis Dr. Ivan Haigh
PA_1_47_FR12 Coastal flood risk assessment in the Ebro Delta, Spain Flood Risk Analysis Dr. Vincente Gracia
PA_1_4_FR12 Blending Numerical Models with Stochastic Simulation Techniques: Towards Better Assessment of Collective Flood Risk Over a Wide Range of Scales Flood Risk Analysis Dr. Boyko Dodov
PA_1_79_FR12 An explorative analysis of the potential flood risk in downtown Shanghai city along the Huangpu River Flood Risk Analysis M.Sc Qian Ke
PA_1_8_FR12 Probabilistic Tsunami Risk Assessment in Macro Tidal Areas Flood Risk Analysis Dr. Omar Q. Gutiérrez
PA_2_1_FR12 Hazard and vulnerability assessment of the damages produced in Barcelona in case of heavy storm events Flood Risk Analysis Mr. Marc Velasco
PA_3_16_FR12 Risk Analysis of Water Logging by Urban Drainage System Modle In Beijing Olympic Garden Flood Risk Analysis Mr. Ma Hongtao
PA_3_28_FR12 Assessment of flood risk in Po river basin - simulation example of flood and leave failure in the delta of the river Flood Risk Analysis Dr. Jaroslav Mysiak
PA_5_12_FR12 Developing quantitative risk assessment models for urban combined stormwater/wastewater systems: The case of Eindhoven Flood Risk Analysis Dr. Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia
PA_5_22_FR12 Modelling Rain Flood and Flood Risk in Coastal City Flood Risk Analysis Mr. Xiyan Ren
PA_5_55_FR12 Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Tool Flood Risk Analysis Dr. Imad Al Homsi
PA_1_90_FR12 Satellite based ground motion measurements in coastal areas: application to ground water management and water defense structure monitoring Flood Risk Analysis Patrick Stoppelman
PA_4_18_FR12 Communication in Flood Risk Management: A cross-case comparison of different EU countries Risk Communication Ms. Teresa Sprague
PA_10_21_FR12 Computational Models in Flood Early Warning Systems Flood Prediction and Early Warning Valeria Krzhizhanovskaya
Session 2
Marjolein Mens
PA_1_61_FR12 Physically based modelling and statistical post-analysis to assess flood resilience across the scales: case studies in Paris region Vulnerability and Resilience Dr. Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia
PA_2_12_FR12 Integrating etic and emic perspectives in flood vulnerability assessment Vulnerability and Resilience Miss. Meghan Alexander
PA_2_17_FR12 Urban Vulnerability to Flood Risk: The case of growing and shrinking cities Vulnerability and Resilience Dr. Christian Kuhlicke
PA_2_23_FR12 Regional vulnerability to climate change and the role of cohesion policy in climate change adaptation Vulnerability and Resilience Mrs. Kathrin Prenger-Berninghoff
PA_2_25_FR12 Assessing social flood vulnerability in the Mekong floodplain, Cambodia,  using household survey and district statistics. Vulnerability and Resilience Dr. Marcel Marchand
PA_2_3_FR12 Communal Resilience to Rising Sea Levels: A Small Island Perspective Vulnerability and Resilience Mrs. Carol Subrath-Ali
PA_3_6_FR12 Assessing the effects of flood resilience technologies regarding vulnerability mitigation Vulnerability and Resilience Mr. Sebastian Golz
PA_4_21_FR12 Flood Resilience and Urban Systems - Case Studies Nice and Taipei Vulnerability and Resilience Miss. Fang-yu Hu
PA_5_9_FR12 A Stepwise Approach For Flood Risk And Vulnerability Assessment For Urban Flood Critical Infrastructures Vulnerability and Resilience Dr. Damien serre
PA_6_3_FR12 Rotterdam The Hague Emergency Airport Vulnerability and Resilience Mr. Peter Minnema
PA_7_28_FR12 Amphibious Housing:  An Affordable Flood Mitigation Solution for At-Risk Low-Income Populations Vulnerability and Resilience Dr. Elizabeth English
PA_8_6_FR12 City, climate change and floods. A contribution to the urban resilience study. Vulnerability and Resilience M.Sc Luís Dias
Session 3
Wim Kanning
PA_10_41_FR12 Quality of Peat Dykes evaluated by Remote Sensing Flood Defences Ms. Sharon Cundill
PA_1_78_FR12 An analysis of the performance of debris screens at culvert inlets Flood Defences Ms. Janice Blanc
PA_1_83_FR12 Numerical Modeling of Root Systems in Levees Flood Defences Dr. Fred Tracy
PA_4_41_FR12 Navigable Storm Surge Barriers for coastal cities; an overview and comparison Flood Defences Mr. Piet Dircke
PA_4_9_FR12 Reducing overtopping risks in Belgian coastal towns Flood Defences Mr Toon Verwaest
PA_6_2_FR12 The airbone high-resolution LiDAR as an efficient tool for topographical survey and detection of surface anomalies on flood protection dikes Flood Defences Mr. Meriaux Patrice
PA_7_10_FR12 Reliability-based design optimization of a rubble mound breakwater in a changing climate Flood Defences Dr. Panagiota Galiatsatou
PA_7_13_FR12 Learning from Failures: Development and Testing of Water-Filled Tube Constructions for the Use in Emergency Flood Control Flood Defences Prof. Baerbel Koppe
PA_7_16_FR12 The reliability of seawalls - a critique of existing analytical methods.  Flood Defences Mr. Michael Wallis
PA_7_20_FR12 Detecting desiccation fissures in the flood embankments, using 2-D Electrical Resistivity Tomography Flood Defences Mr. Gareth Jones
PA_7_27_FR12 Monitoring levees to reduce uncertainties Flood Defences Dr. André Koelewijn
PA_7_5_FR12 Controlling flow-induced vibrations of flood barrier gates with data-driven and finite-element modelling Flood Defences M.Sc Christian Erdbrink
PA_10_10_FR12 Newly-developed method for approaching design level in the European context Flood Defences Prof. Gabriele Goennert
PA_7_30_FR12 Real time monitoring of levees through sensor technology along the Yellow River Flood Defences Wladimir Moen



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Analysis of probability and magnitude of flood hazards from rainfall events, in rivers or along coasts, including hazard mapping.

Assessment, prioritisation and planning of flood risk management measures and instruments, considering e.g. tolerable risk, cost-effectiveness, technical and political feasibility, etc.

Prediction of imminent flood events such as storm surges, river floods or tsunamis aimed at early warning and event management, including meteorological and hydrological forecasting.

Estimation and assessment of individual and societal consequences of actual or potential flooding, including direct and indirect economic damage, loss-of-life and losses of imponderables.

Modelling of the flooding process and assessment of relevant parameters, such as flood depth, flow velocities, etc. Examples: flooding of protected areas after embankment breaching or of floodplains after dam breach.

Development and assessment of measures and instruments to mitigate the consequences of imminent flooding, e.g. by flood fighting or evacuation.

Design, reliability analysis, monitoring and maintenance of structural flood protection measures, such as embankments, dams, barriers, dunes, etc.

Governance of flood risk management as multi-actor and multi-stakeholder challenge. Design and evaluation of management policies. Joint planning.

Learning form past events, and planning future evacuation and rescue operations, with emphasis on feasibility and effectiveness.

Designing and planning FRM strategies for the long-term in view of uncertain climate change and socio-economic developments; adaptative capacity, robustness, etc.

Assessing the susceptibility of people, communities, economies and areas to floods, their vulnerability and recovery potential.

Public and expert perception of (flood) risk, and its implications for communication to raise awareness and preparedness. Effectiveness of risk communication in influencing people's behaviour.

Integrated analysis of flood probability and consequences, accounting for uncertainties. Or equivalently in terms of flood hazard and vulnerability. Typical outcomes are fatality risk or economic risk.